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Mike Seeklander – Coming to Northern Kentucky May 18 & 19

Practical Defensive Training, LLC is proud to host one of the top trainers in the United States of America for a 2-day Defensive Pistol Class, here in Northern Kentucky!

Mike Seeklander is a former Lead Firearms Instructor for the Federal Air Marshal program, 2018 IDPA National Champion, Owner of Shooting-Performance Training and Co-founder of the American Warrior Society.  (click here to read more about his background)

We do not often get top level trainers in this area, so you do not want to miss this opportunity!

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Class will be held on May 18 & 19 of 2019 in Walton, KY.

$415 course fee

Class location will be at the range at:
Benton Family Farms
11896 Old Lexington Pike
Walton, KY 41094

(Benton’s has a private range where instructors have taught firearms classes in the past)

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Course Description (from Mike’s Website): This course is a piece of my total training system that reinforces the techniques covered in my book Your Defensive Handgun Training Program. The program will take your shooting to the next level. The full training system is like nothing else available today, focusing on not only the execution of skills but in the critical process to properly train those skills and subsequently improve your results.  This class INCLUDES a downloadable version of the training drill AND videos for you to follow in your training once you have graduated class.   Self-defense context is also thoroughly covered in this program, defining the distance related concepts of a fight with a handgun. This course is ideal for anyone who carries a handgun for combative (self-defense) purposes, and will benefit both the novice as well as experienced shooters. It is the pre-requisite course for those wishing to take other Shooting-Performance advanced handgun courses.  This course includes a free video download of all of the essential drills!

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Here is what other students are saying about our class.

It is important to us that we give the highest quality and value we can to our students.  You all take a day away from your families and spend your hard earned money and time with us in order to learn about guns and defensive skills.  We do no take that lightly.  

We strive to maintain a 5-star rating on Facebook reviews and always listen to what our students have to say, taking criticism as well as compliment.  There is always room for improvement.

Below are screen shots of what our students have told us on our Facebook Page (last names blocked out for privacy).

You can visit our Facebook page here:

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The Importance of POST… and a discount offer to our educational staff.

post_logo_small2What is POST?

The POST Program is a common sense, low-cost, and well-designed program created to directly address the threat posed by an active shooter in schools.  The POST program is the most thorough in the country and incorporates multiple, overlapping systems of both prevention and response.  The POST program is based on concepts that were developed for the National Armed Pilots Program and incorporates lessons learned by law enforcement in more than ten years of study since Columbine.  POST is intended to be a model program, starting in the state of Kentucky, but you should feel free to adopt any part of the program anywhere in the country.



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Because Practical Defensive LLC adamantly believes in this program and its ability to stand as an ultimate deterrent and protection from deliberate harm against our children, any employees of our educational system and their family members will receive a $10 discount on ANY courses we offer.  Simply use the coupon code POSTKY when registering online.  Proof of employment in the educational system is required on the class date.

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