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Our Beginnings:

Practical Defensive Training LLC was founded in 2013 with the intent of bringing a holistic philosophy around civilian self defense and concealed carry.  We believe that defense doesn’t just start with strapping a gun to your hip or learning martial arts.  We truly believe that defense begins with your mindset and your awareness of the world around you.  Our hope is that we can instill  this philosophy in our students and help to make themselves, their families, their friends and their communities a little bit safer.

Our Focus:

The core skills we teach, revolve around the responsibly armed citizen who is applying for, or has already obtained, a concealed carry license.  Our intent is to go beyond minimum legal requirements for training individuals to carry a concealed weapon, and truly give students the knowledge, skills and mindset needed to keep themselves, their families and communities safe.

Our Principles and Beliefs:

We are an unapologetic Christian business.  We believe that our primary defense against the evil forces in our world is in the grace of Jesus Christ, the teachings of God’s Holy Word, the Bible, and prayer.  Our faith allows us to respond to our self defense with respect for every human life; and recognize the use of force only when absolutely necessary.

Practical Defensive Training is a firm supporter of the United States Constitution.  Our company adamantly supports the interpretation of the Constitution the founders and authors of the amendments intended.  We pledge to use whatever means are in our power to protect the Constitutional rights of the people.

Practical Defensive Training is a Burlington, Kentucky located small business. Our primary focus is firearms education and instruction.  Students will never feel pressured to purchase a gun from us.  We are independent of any retail business.  Our students will receive honest opinions with regards to any defensive equipment without the bias of a retail gun shop.

About our Instructors

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