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Product Review – Decibullz Ear-pro with Percussive Filters

Hearing protection is a big deal in the shooting sports.  You do not want to be the guy or girl who did not pay attention to proper protection and ten to twenty years later have trouble hearing the person yelling right next to you. There are many styles of hearing protection on the market.  All … Read more

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Easy Improvements You Want for Your AR-15

The AR-15 is the most popular firearm in the United States today…. and for good reason.  They are effective for home defense. AR-15’s are good for shooting small game and small predators like coyotes.  Recoil is not very high, ammunition is relatively inexpensive and easy to find… and they are easily customized to the taste … Read more

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The Tactical Flashlight – My Most Used Piece of Carry Gear

I carry several items for personal defense. I carry a handgun, extra magazines and a good pocket knife. The one item which gets the most use, is my tactical flashlight. My light is not only is it an essential piece of defensive gear. It is also the most utilitarian item I carry, with uses beyond … Read more

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