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Radio Play for PDT!

Instructor – Robbie Gayhart on the Brian Thomas Morning Show I recently had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Brian Thomas on 55 KRC for his Cincinnati based radio morning show.  Brian had recently been in a self defense incident that had almost lead to his need to employ his defensive firearm.  Thankfully, the interaction … Read more

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Here is what other students are saying about our class.

It is important to us that we give the highest quality and value we can to our students.  You all take a day away from your families and spend your hard earned money and time with us in order to learn about guns and defensive skills.  We do no take that lightly.   We strive … Read more

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The Importance of POST… and a discount offer to our educational staff.

What is POST? The POST Program is a common sense, low-cost, and well-designed program created to directly address the threat posed by an active shooter in schools.  The POST program is the most thorough in the country and incorporates multiple, overlapping systems of both prevention and response.  The POST program is based on concepts that … Read more

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