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Left of Bang – Important Concepts in Situational Awareness

The following content is based on the book “Left of Bang” by Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley.  This article is an introduction to their ideas, and it is highly suggested that readers invest the time to learn more by reading the full book, “Left of Bang”. Left of Bang – What is Left of … Read more

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The One Man Gun – Is It Enough?

I read about the concept of the “One Man Gun” on the Breach Bang Clear blog a  while back.  The idea really stuck in my head.  Some guns are only meant for one bad guy. With the popularity of small, single-stack pistols for concealed carry, we need to know the limitations of those platforms. Situation … Read more

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The Risk of Advertising – Clothing Choices

I play a little game every time I go out in public.  While i am in the grocery store, hardware store or a restaurant, I try to guess who is carrying a concealed handgun.  Then, I watch to see if I can detect the outline of their pistol showing through the clothing choices.  This is … Read more

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