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Handgun Skill Building Class!

Practical Defensive Training, LLC is excited to announce the launch of our newest class: Handgun Skill Building – Level 1 Handgun Skill Building – Full Day Range Class – Level 1 This is a full day on a great OUTDOOR range, working on handgun skills beyond what was taught in your basicCCW/Concealed-Carry class. Class will … Read more Handgun Skill Building Class!

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Left of Bang – Important Concepts in Situational Awareness

The following content is based on the book “Left of Bang” by Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley.  This article is an introduction to their ideas, and it is highly suggested that readers invest the time to learn more by reading the full book, “Left of Bang”. Left of Bang – What is Left of … Read more Left of Bang – Important Concepts in Situational Awareness

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Owning Your Failures

Defensive shooting is a skill.  It takes time, effort, focus and concentration to build those skills.  While there are many people born with natural athletic abilities or natural gifts of intellectuality and creativity, there are two significant traits which permeate those we look up to as great shooters.  They put the time and effort in, … Read more Owning Your Failures

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