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Permit-less Carry Has Come to Kentucky

If you have been in one of my classes before, you have heard me say: “A permit is nothing more than the government renting you your rights back for a fee…” I am very excited for the announcement that Kentucky will no longer require a permit for concealed carry.  We have joined the ranks of … Read morePermit-less Carry Has Come to Kentucky

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Patch Collecting

This is a bit of a guilty hobby… morale patches are fun to collect. I have many that are simply for fun, but this article is a chance to explain some of the patches I currently have with significant meaning. These are the patches I display in my classroom when I am teaching. They are … Read morePatch Collecting

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Defensive Pistol Considerations – Beyond Your Concealed Carry Permit Class

You have just received your concealed carry permit… this is a great accomplishment.  It means you have taken it upon yourself to be responsible for the safety of yourself, your family and your community.  Carrying a concealed handgun is also a very personal choice and a lifestyle change.  Every person has a different reason for … Read moreDefensive Pistol Considerations – Beyond Your Concealed Carry Permit Class

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