Concealed Carry Articles

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Knowledge transfer is the prime objective of every quality educational institute.  This includes shooting schools and concealed carry instruction.  Practical Defensive Training, LLC strives to give students the knowledge, skills, safety and awareness to perform life saving tasks to the best of their abilities.  These articles serve to further an individuals understanding beyond their basic concealed carry classes to truly becoming a responsibly armed citizen.

To this end, we will publish and link articles which attempt to present information for civilians, students, instructors and armed professionals pertinent to concealed carry and defensive firearms training.

These article will include information on:

  • The importance of the Second Amendment
  • Training classes
  • Practice drills
  • Safety
  • Concealed carry gear
  • Traveling with your firearms

There will also be content for the defensive firearms instructor community on teaching styles, adult learning and community interaction.

We are updating this page continuously with all of our new concealed carry articles.  Keep checking in with us, and you will find new content that is definitely worth your time to read.


General Concealed Carry Information:

Here you will find information about concealed carry, including class content, considerations for continuing your training, information about learning and many other general topics.

Intro to Concealed Carry Part 1: What Should You Be Learning?

Intro to Concealed Carry Part 2: What Should You Do After You Receive Your Permit?

The Hierarchy of Firearms Knowledge and Skill

Concealed Carry Gear/Equipment:

This section will discuss gear and equipment choices.

My EDC – One Instructors Choice of Carry Gear

The Tactical Flashlight – My Most Used Piece of Carry Gear

The Heckler and Koch VP9 and Its Little Brother the VP9sk

Traveling With Your Firearms:

Transporting your firearms can have some legal and safety considerations.  This section will dive into topics related to traveling with your gun.

Traveling With Your Handgun – Interstate Reciprocity

Traveling With Your Handgun – Flying

Interacting With Law Enforcement While Carrying a Concealed Handgun



Safety is the number one responsibility of any shooter.  The articles in this section are a must read.

The 4 Cardinal Rules of Firearm Safety – They Mean More Than You Think They Do

Hang Fires and Squib Loads – Dangerous Ammunition Malfunctions

Skills and Drills:

This section will give advice on improving your skills.

2 Simple Drills to Quickly Improve Your Accuracy


Instructor Development:

Here you will find information for instructors (and students who are interested) professional development.

The Defensive Firearms Instructor Community

Wisdom from Shooting Instructors I Respect – Words I Will Follow

Why I Am Not a Tactical Trainer

Praise in Public, Criticize in Private

The Second Amendment:

Here are some introspective articles on the importance and meaning of the second amendment.

Bring Back Defense Against the Dark Arts


External Articles/Links:

On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs
– Lt. Col (Ret) Dave Grossman, from the book “On Combat”


Do you have content you would like us to write about and publish?  If so, visit the contact us page and send us your suggestions.  We are always interested in the types of content our students want to read.

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