Kentucky Concealed Carry of a Deadly Weapon (CCDW)

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This course contains the required content from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in compliance with KRS 237.110, a Kentucky Resident needs to apply for their Concealed Carry of Deadly Weapons (CCDW) permit.

Please note:  This course is open to Kentucky Residents Only.

The cost for this Course is $65.00

Students Will Need to Bring to the Course:

  • 50 rounds of Factory Ammunition (no reloads – sorry, this is a KY State requirement)
  • Eye and ear protection for the range.
  • Lunch, snacks, beverages… this is 6 hours of class time, you will get hungry.
  • Writing Implements and a notepad… note taking is highly encouraged.

Kentucky requirements for CCDW Permit (link)

Classroom time is approximately 6+ hours including the applicant written test.  Live fire exercises will be held offsite at a local shooting range.

Required Course Content will Include:

  • Kentucky Laws and Statutes
  • Use of Deadly Force
  • Firearm Safety
  • Principles of Marksmanship
  • Ammunition Function and Proper Selection of Defensive Ammunition
  • Handgun Nomenclature and Function
  • Cleaning your firearm
  • Methods of Carry
  • Written Applicant Test
  • Live Fire Exercises

Extra Course Content will include (time permitting)

  • Basic Overview of Where You Can and Cannot Carry
  • What to do When Dealing With Law Enforcement (Daily Interaction and After a Critical Incident)
  • Situational Awareness and the Defensive Mindset
  • Emergency and Tactical Reloading
  • Malfunction Clearing

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