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Handgun Skill Building – Level 1

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Handgun Skill Building – Level 1

Handgun Skill Building – Full Day Range Class – Level 1

This is a full day on a great OUTDOOR range, working on handgun skills beyond what was taught in your basic
CCW/Concealed-Carry class.

This class will cover the foundational skills needed to be a competent handgun shooter; and prepare students to seek further training.  One of our primary goals is to enhance each person’s ability to defend themselves with their handgun, should the need occur.

At the conclusion of this course, each student should understand the essential skills covered in this course (listed below), be able to articulate why each of these skills are important and be able to enact a purposeful practice plan to continually improve their skills with a handgun.


The instructors we bring are top notch!  Each and every one is a professional, certified instructor from the NRA, USCCA, FLETC or another professional organization.  All of us are dedicated to teaching a SAFE class and truly enjoy helping others to develop their defensive firearms skills.


Handgun Skill Building – Full Day Range Class – Level 1



For this class, all you need to know at the beginning is how to load and unload your firearm/magazines.  We will be building up all the subsequent skills you need during the class.

Required Gear/Equipment:

  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Handgun
  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Minimum 3 Magazines, if capacity is less than 10 rounds, it is recommended to bring 5-6 magazines
  • Holster made for the handgun student is to use – We will not allow SERPA type holsters or collapsible holsters (Nylon, suede, sticky) in class
  • Magazine Carrier is highly recommended (though students can work from pockets if necessary)
  • A sturdy belt which anchors the gun/holster/mag carriers in place
  • Close toed shoes
  • Brimmed hats are recommended
  • Pen/Pencil and Notebook to take notes
  • Foldable Camp Chairs (We will have a shade tent, but you will want something to sit on)
  • Sunblock is highly recommended
  • Pack drinks, snacks and lunch – we will be taking a short break for lunch, but not enough time for you to leave the range facility

Content Covered:


  • Safety


  • Baseline Assessment
  • Gear Selection (Handgun, Holster, Mag Carriers, Belts)
  • Fundamentals (Grip, Stance, Sights, Trigger Manipulation)
  • Slow fire – Precision Practice, Multiple Distances


  • Drawing the handgun from the holster (Clean, Concealed)
  • Balance of Speed and Accuracy
  • Malfunctions (misfire, stovepipe, double-feed)


  • Reloads – Emergency and Proactive
  • Firing from Retention, close and intermediate ranges
  • Transitioning between multiple targets
  • The difference between cover and concealment
  • Shooting around barriers (pie-ing corners)
  • Basics of shooting on the move (transitioning into static positions, during movement)

Handgun Skill Building – Full Day Range Class – Level 1



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