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Defensive Rifle Skill Building – August 22nd 2020

Practical Defensive Training, LLC is excited to announce the date of our first Rifle/Carbine Class: Defensive Rifle Skill Building – Level 1 Defensive Rifle Skill Building – Level 1 This is a full day on a PRIVATE OUTDOOR range, working on defensive rifle skills you definitely aren’t allowed to practice at your local indoor range. … Read more

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Taking the Language Back from Anti-gunners

Language is a tool of communication and persuasion.  In today’s world, marketing firms and political action groups spend uncountable sums of money to convince us to purchase products or support candidates and causes.  With the advent of mass marketing, manipulating the masses into the desired group-think is the goal each of these organizations strive for. … Read more

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Easy Improvements You Want for Your AR-15

The AR-15 is the most popular firearm in the United States today…. and for good reason.  They are effective for home defense. AR-15’s are good for shooting small game and small predators like coyotes.  Recoil is not very high, ammunition is relatively inexpensive and easy to find… and they are easily customized to the taste … Read more

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