What You Will Learn in Your Concealed Carry Class: Safety

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Robert Gayhart Teaching a Concealed Carry Class

Contrary to mass media, the average concealed carrier is not a special-forces military wannabe or self-proclaimed police officer.  Most of us are simply neighbors, friends, parents and members of our communities.  When an individual decides to become a responsibly armed citizen, they are making a decision to be responsible for the safety of themselves, their families and their communities.

So what is the base level of knowledge needed for someone who is new to concealed carry?  Where do they acquire such training?

The first thing you must know is proper gun safety.  The four cardinal rules of firearm safety are a start (You can find out more information on the 4 cardinal rules here).  However, there is much more.

The three basic of safety are:  safety at home, safety on the range and safety while carrying in public.

Home safety

Home safety revolves around storage solutions that balance accessibility and access from children, teens and adults who lack responsibility and possible theft.  Other topics are: target identification, barricading in place and bullet penetration through walls.

Range safety

Range Safety

This includes 5 different points.  Each facility you shoot at will have its own rules.  You must always maintain awareness of other shooters and their behaviors.   There are important differences between indoor and outdoor ranges as to the safety and procedures for use. Be aware of the limitations a backstop may have to higher velocity cartridges.  Facilities will have different procedures for target setting and range commands.

Safety while carrying and transporting firearms

Always stay aware

This topic covers the laws/regulations in your area governing transporting and carrying
concealed firearms.  Further, it is important to avoid accidents and not panic anyone not
familiar with firearms.  The instructor should also emphasize situational awareness and conflict avoidance.  Just because you are armed, do not go to places you would not go if you were unarmed.  It is your responsibility to not seek out trouble.

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